Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The Sky and PC Gone Mad

For some reason getting up this morning was even worse than the usual torture. I woke and it was warm and I was dozy and vaguely thought there was something burning outside as the whole room glowed yellow.

On a morning like this it takes a superhuman effort of will to drag myself upstairs and then out, in the cold all the way to the school.

Numerous immensely long pairs of stripey socks really help.

That's the first thing done in such an emergency situation, pulling on two huge multicoloured socks. Also at times like these bacon sandwiches for breakfast aren't really the thing- too substantial-, so in come the cornflakes. And coffee. Of course.

Tuesday is 'Double English Day' - YAY! True to form the second period sparks intense debate when discussing ideas for a discursive essays- and particular outrage at the extent of political correctness in programs for young children.

Fig. 1

'Tinky Winky' from the 'Teletubbies' carrying a red handbag and therefore considered by some people to be a gay icon.

Fig. 2

'Big Ears' from 'Noddy' being renamed 'White Beard' so as to avoid causing offence and then, even better than that, 'Noddy' being cancelled because apparently Noddy and Big Ears sharing the same bed means that their relationship was "implicitly homosexual".

WHAT?! Oh come on! They're television programmes for toddlers for crying out loud! Are these really the things they're going to notice? And why the sudden problem?  I'm reasonably sure that watching these and similar programmes, and even worse, singing 'Baa-baa Black Sheep' - along with my Dominican friend; has not left me scarred for life or even marginally racist, homophobic or anything at all similar!
And ironically through noticing these things and making them issues, whoever was so overeager not to offend anyone have themselves made the distinctions between various factions within society where before perhaps no one saw any. Genius.

Now quite het up, but Rant Over.

As for all things new:

I got my first experience of after school basketball- about the only team sport I can really enjoy doing. Lots of other fifth-year regulars were off but there was still a decent crowd. I must say though having just had gym straight before and so two and a half hours of running nonstop in one direction and another I was feeling really quite knackered.

And I might have mentioned that I'm doing a Theatre Art Course so I spent another hour and a half being thoroughly remade as a grumpy old man- with sideburns! In all honesty it was probably an improvement.

To Finish

Here's the equivalent sky-from-window photo for the evening:

Oh, and I think I've just found the my next article to write about for our weekly homework disecting opinion pieces.

Why Black Sheep are Barred and Humpty Can't be Cracked

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