Friday, 30 December 2011

Reporting on Antics

Or 'What We Get Up To'.

Reace. Jaffa Cake Culprit.
Reace has -as well as finally getting completely installed in his new room at Beths and already trashing it completely- consumed in entirety a yard long tube of Jaffa Cakes, in just the two days after Christmas. Probably some sort of world record, someone should really google it.
And he has his new piano working at last, which we must congratulate him on. Well deserved. A very constructive pasttime, much more so than constantly x-boxing, isn't it, Reace? ;)

Lewis . Of The Socks.
Lewis (as pictured surrounded by food), has expanded his incredibly enviable collection of stripy socks -and is refusing to let me forget it.
Also today he came round here for a couple of hours -very sucessful, if I say so myself- Physics revision, bringing with him a novelty coffee-making contraption. During one of our coffee breaks we were boiling it up on the hotplate and Lewis suceeded in causing it to squirt all over the kitchen. Hazelnut coffee though, so at least it smells nice.

Beth. Epically-Haired (<-- now an adjective.)
Bethie has just gone up to Pitlochery, but not before being cajoled into helping me out by sharing some English revision (memorising 'Laughing Phil's' 'Reasons For Attendance" together). However she has some interesting, though rather effective, techniques to help do this. Enough to say that in the upcoming prelim I'm probably going to entertain quite a lot of people with my intruiging arm-waving. Just have to hope that we won't be sat reciting the poem at the same time, or the examiners will probably assume we're signalling. Or else engaged in some bizarre synchronised dance.

And I -I reuse this photo as I currently have no other- have discovered that those actors, whom I have been raving about in every good new film I see, is infact just that actor (unless it happens to be Laurence Fox, in which case it's Laurence Fox), all the same person- James McAvoy of whom I had not even heard before this week and suddenly I realise he plays at least a small part in the majority of my favourite films. Feeling like a bit of a dunce, not having noticed before.

Randomly, I've just noticed I seem to be using a lot of non-adjective adjectives and non-verb verbs here. A possible candidate for a new habit. 'to Google', 'to x-box', 'to be Haired', etc.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

The Strokes

A recent obsession.

N.B. This is not the actual music video which, sadly, doesn't appear to be capable of embedding?

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Revision Begins

A bit like Batman, but of course far more epic. Because as we are constantly (and very helpfully, thank you) reminded by all our teachers: "Your Christmas holiday IS NOT A HOLIDAY. It is a time for diligent study and revision of all the key..." yada yada yada.

Managed probably about four hours today, all Physics; fun stuff. Becca and I locked ourselves in my room, and only condescended to surface for intermittent and very necessary cake-breaks.

Will I sleep tonight.

Monday, 26 December 2011

*Scandalized Face*

Whilst I was finishing off typing my last post, 12 o'clock sneaked by without me noticing.
Inexplicably, it's still claiming to have been posted yesterday. Whatever, suits me.





(Edit: I just called in a professional -Papa, close enough- and it turns out I was set to the wrong time-zone. Fail. Anyway, that's sorted. However this means my last post was no longer published on Christmas DAY. NAWWW.)

Merry Christmas to Y'all

(Finally! But... Now I'm gonna have to find another project on which to work =T hmmm...)

Yesterday for me was spent in a baking/cooking frenzy! Baking as.. well, today is Christmas, cooking because baking in the morning meant anyone else in the kitchen would have made for intense irritation and so I took breakfast upon myself. All selfish motives, see. No cause for alarm.

The CAKE. Finally iced yesterday, had been working on for a couple of days before that.

Lemon Drizzle cake, a tad spur of the moment, in place of Rock Buns or Meringues, for a change. Pretty much jumped out of the tin at me, albeit in about five separate bits. Not impressed. =/

.... and my chocolate attempts. Would you believe that Papa is in the house, and there is still some left after pudding? Frankly, I'm not sure whether to be insulted, or just incredibly satisfied with the enormous amount of other tasty food we all managed to down at dinner. Well, more for me anyway. =D

I also made Rum Butter. OH YES.


In other news, squint would seem to be the order of the day where Haddington Christmas trees are concerned.

Fig. 1.

Fig. 2.

Disclaimer: I had nothing to do with this!

...OR DID I?? :O

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Woooh four days 'till Christmas Woooh

Suffering from a severe case of Present-Envy. Lev is wrapping all these awesome-looking parcels, and all mine seem meagre in comparison. Nawww....
Attempting to somewhat make up for this with epic wrapping SKILLS. Including cylindrical objects. BAM.

Not doing too badly though.

And (Papa and Sylwia, you shall be pleased to know) I have just taken the Christmas Cake out of the oven. However, Dodie convinced me to make it this year, so if you have any sense this should put you off eating it.

Fortunately for us, tomorrow is our last day of torture (torture? did I say torture? I meant school... oh, close enough). This comes at a good time (though 'Sooner' would also have been nice...); throughout the student population -or at least, 5th year- cracks have begun to show. The nearer you get to the end of term, the larger the portion of the class you notice either dozing or staring in a blank stupor at the board for the duration of any given lesson.
For instance, my entire contribution to Physics these last few lessons have been a series of exchanges with Ailish (a.k.a. Lish, Lishbabes, Physics Buddy) in the form of prolonged yawning, followed (incredibly articulately) by;
"So tired." 
*more yawns* "Wannagotosleep."
"Plan." *head thunks desk*

Oh, the worst thing, everyone has colds at the moment. A week or two ago, double period R.M.P.S. and doing a NAB -National Assesment Bank- basic level pass for each section of a course- over breaktime. You're working in complete silence, head down over paper, with a cold and a runny nose. It was horrendous. Everyone else is in the same boat and therefore extremely understanding, but you're sniffing every two minutes so loudly people could be forgiven for imagining the classrom to harbour a small boar, leaning over your desk staring at a 10 mark question asking you about Samsaric rebirth and thinking 'I would care a lot more about this if only I could BREATHE ' *snorts*.

The school Christmas dance - this year rather ironically christened 'Dance Another Day' - was supposed to be happening on the 15th Dec., and has been postponed until something like the 17th Jan., for the second time. Really bad (and a tad baffling) choice of name. Oh well.

Gotta Go. (<--- alliteration. English win yaay!) Cake needs me.

Saturday, 17 December 2011


Finally finished writing AAALL my Christmas cards! If you know me even slightly, you have been warned.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Whapping out the Christmas tree

I wait for this all year. No day can be better than Christmas. I think I've already mentioned my plans for the creating of numerous Chrtismas decorations; I'm now halfway through a wreath (holly still needed- I intend to hijack some tomorrow, someone shall come home to find their hedge significantly reduced), and I spent most of yesterday:

a) Firstly galvanising the wee kids I look after at volunteering into a similar state of excitement over the impending celebrations, then prevailing on them to make everyone some things to hang on their trees (at this point I produce as if by magic: a pile of ribbon, pens, paper, pencils, etc., the lot).


b) Dashing straight from the Nungate Centre to the Library to help out with their lot of wee kids, all also threading newly-made Crimbo-tree decorations onto bits of ribbon and string.
I coloured in a candy-cane! *cheesing*, and this;

And then today.

Lyovka and I manoeuvred the muddy, wet ladder through the kitchen and scrambled up this into our lovely cobweb of an attic. Climbling over dead woodlice and spiders whilst crouching low enough to avoid spreading the grime from the rafters all over my T-shirt was the equivalent of attending an obstacle course.

Sensibly he then skedaddled off to Edinburgh; I was left to de-tangle the boxes of lights we had brought down. At least then I got to do the fun bit, I had the decorating of the tree left all to myself!

Sunday, 4 December 2011

The Bead Shop Makes A FORTUNE

... mostly from me. I've had a NOTION. I want to make stuff for Christmas this year.
So, whapping out the three-year-old, slightly mouldy Bead Shop voucher, and going to buy a ton of stuff.

This was wednesday. Since God had granted us a strike (yaaay! Lie in.) I decided to make the best possible use of my spare time. Everyone else skedaddled off to Edinburgh. House to myself... and soup... unguarded... in the fridge... (not for long).

This must be as near as anyone can really get to absolute bliss. On go the All American Rejects, out come the pliers...

This is the start of a heart tree decoration (tree coming tomorrow- yaaay!). I've gone button-mad. We now have a tree-shaped one aswell.

Along with those, I've made a pile of earrings (enough to last through several birthdays, nevermind Christmas), the beginnings of a sizeable wreath (Dodie's missing a couple of coat hangers...) and a button snowman brooch. I have plans for soap and candles.

This is so far. I keep running out of crimps for the end of things so spending the vast majority of the time running back and forth from the Bead Shop -they're getting to know me really quite well in there-, getting yet another fifty or so... I should probably just buy a bigger batch. No doubt my brain ("your what?!" oh haha) shall reach that conclusion eventually. Meanwhile my fitness level peaks.

The problem still remains; what-a-to-get those of us who cannot/WILL NOT wear jewellry (Lyovka, I'm looking at you >:(  ). You present a challenge. Hmmm....

Thursday, 1 December 2011

1st of December....

I can finally bring out my Christmas cards!!!


(P.S. If we are in any way aquainted, beware.)

Counting down the days... 25...

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Songs For Chrimbo!

I realise it is not yet even December. I don't care. It already feels Christmassy.
I also realise I have already posted today. I don't care. This has only just occurred to me.

I'm trawling my way through tons of Christmas songs over youtube (whenever I'm at my desk). I'm gonna post these up! This way I don't have to keep flicking through hundreds of different pages, and you can listen to them if you like. =)

We sang this as a class for the Christamas King's Meadow (Primary School) assembly, P6, I think it was. It was EPIC. But we were even better than this, naturally. ;)

No reason, just like it.

Pleeeeease let it snow!!!

The Kinks- Father Christmas.

We sang (and editied version of) this in choir for the Christmas concert in... S3? I know all the words *cheesin'*. =D

Hmmm... nice idea... won't start on the logistics of it though... lets just say good song!

"Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock..."

I have been singing along to this... all day... pity those I live with.

I think I'll leave it on that note (pun unintended, but very clever, haha =/ ). Night, night! Again...

Dodie's Birthday

Dodie was eighty-two on friday! It's been quite a weekend, or I would have written about it sooner... Thanks to everyone for all the prezzies! Nine boxes of chocolate ohhh.... not lasting too long though.

Didn't get any photos of the day I'm afraid *sad face*, but she was absolutely surrounded by stuff and wrapping paper and edible stuff in the morning sitting in bed before we ran off to school.

Actually i've just found this, two animals staring somewhat creepily in the same direction... Bertie, I believe you have already met, the squirrel however was for Dodie, likewise the glasses chain lying about its feet (that is what it is).

At some point I'll write about the weekend, and today and tuesday was also relatively eventful. At the moment I'm feeling more-than-usually brain-dead so I'ma gonna go sleep instead, night...

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Running here and there....

Six new grazes and two lovely blisters, all courtesy of running tonight. And I've got my first race on Sunday... it's a choice between 5 and 10k, but I think I'll go for the five 'cos the distances I'm doing at the moment are around 8k comfortably, so doing the five I should actually be able to compete (as opposed to staggering across the finish line... or not).

Wish me luck people!

(...and now... on with Physics! On second thoughts, dunno if I'll be making it to Sunday... nevermind Longniddry... *gulps* =S )

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Badly Brawn Boy

I'm feeling in rather a good, Christmassy mood today, probably something to do with a) it finally being socially acceptable to come into school under fifty layers of festive clothing (yaaay!), b) having just scoffed a sizeable roast and c) locating all my Christmas cards... this is despite a growing pile of Physics which should really have knocked me out of a mood for celebrating...

'About A Boy' is somehow a very Christmassy film, and by association that makes this a Christmassy song;

No peace for anyone living here tonight...

Monday, 14 November 2011


Well... couple of days ago... mere technicality!
This really would have been more effective posted on the 8th... Meh.

Deeply intellectual I know... but I love them anyway! Not read yet, but can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait! =D

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Buddhist Bothering

I'm starting writing this on friday (that is, today) but seeing as I'm also absolutely knackered I don't know if I'll be motivated enough to finish this all today. We'll see.

So! This week just keeps getting better! Seriously, so far probably the best, at least for this year. I'm counting from last friday, guess we'll see how this weekend goes. Aaaanyhoo, as good a way as any to round off an amazing week is with a two day (during school) trip to a Tibetan Buddhist (Vajrayana) monastery. Well, works for me.

Angie stepped up to the post of travelling companion/bus buddy.
This is not the back of her head.
Yeah... the bus journey was fairly horrendous. Nobody's fault, just that the bus had the misfortune to be one of those that causes anyone unlucky enough to sit in it to feel instantly nauseous. However at least I was holed up next to Ange, so our incessant conversation proved an effective distraction.

1000 Buddhas
When (at last) we pulled in, we were greeted by some very yummy home(monk)made tomato soup. On finishing that, our guide-nun promptly ushered us into the main temple to take part in evening prayer. I can't remember the name of the mantra they chanted or I would find a recording, but the prayer lasted in all forty-five minutes. After fifteen of these, all the lights dimmed in the room and the chanting stopped. The nuns and monks meditated, the only light came from the Buddhas which were still illuminated in the shrine.

We retired to the living/sitting/general purpose room, for some nun interrogation and lots of tea. Our guide-nun was very helpful at clearing up some issues we had come across with Buddhism in the classroom which our teacher, Mr Francis, had not been able to answer (no failing on his part, just to do with the many subtle ins-and-outs of Buddhist philosophy/morality and largely matters of opinion).

People sort of drifted in abd out between the main room (and discussion), kitchen (containing tea!) and the rooms upstairs. I must have gone up to bed at about twelve; everybody with whom I was bunking had already been in about an hour but there were still plenty of people about from the other dorms. As we had spent most of that day on the bus, the main reason for crashing this early was the 6am optional prayers scheduled next morning. You hear the word 'optional', and wonder that why, as there was any choice in it, did anybody want to attend anything that was, after all, at six in the morning! The answer, simply, is that we were taking time to go to a Buddhist monastery, and we figured if anything is worth doing, it's worth doing properly!

So yeah, we didn't take any photos actually durning the morning prayers etc., but afterwards;

Ange and I ran out into the garden for some serious camera-clicking! This was at about half past seven as we grabbed a spot of breakfast once we'd exited the temple. I think we felt like just running around a bit and recording everything- funny how meditation puts you on a bit of a high.

Enjoy this photo... of my open mouth. It's nothing unusual ;) .

This, incidentally, was our temporary home. Angie going inside after out little expedition. It's quite colourful. And really very cosy (but you can probably tell that from the photo of our discussion earlier!^ go up, up, up!).

When we got back in, Ange and I packed out stuff and unmade our beds. Then we scrambled downstairs and found the rest of everyone preparing to be taken out by the Buddhists, as we found out when we got there, to meet their local Yak. This proved a big hit and, finding the feed evidently not satisfactory enough, went on to promptly eat Megan.

I thought this was quite funny. Nose eating... eating... and oooooh it's attached to a Yak!

Megan was GONE at this point, by the way.

We headed back and were told there was half an hour in which to strip beds, pack and load stuff onto the bus before a third bout of meditation (this time, supervised). Being very well organised (for a change), I basically grabbed my stuf and sheets from my bed and hurried downstairs to sniff out the laundry.

Down there, I bumped into Ben, Martin, Kenny and Sam all running around trying to do the same thing. Finally we located a lay Buddhist in the kitchen, who was immediately assaulted, questioned and cajoled into leading us to the laundry building (we fail to understand simple directions).

Having ceremoniously dumped everything in a basket, we ran round to the front of the complex to put our bags in the bus. The bus driver was nowhere to be seen, so we quickly gave this up as a lost cause and went back inside.

It was now that a very important incident occurred. As we were running through the front door, Martin turned round and said something along the lines of;
"Do you play chess?"

Now would be a good time to mention that I'd been eyeing the chessboard in the smaller sitting-room ever since our arrival.

Now ensued the Most Epicest game of chess. We were a bit short for time as the bus was leaving at two so the teachers were doing their best to get everything we had yet to do/see in. Due to this, we were sent running somewhere every five minutes, completing whatever tour/meditation/eating we were supposed to be doing, then sprinting back round the complex and into the sitting room to play on for another ten or so minutes of Intense Chess.

N.B. Chess akes for an interesting focus of meditation. (Mine consisted primarily of; "Dammit, I'm stuck! Now how do I beat him...!")

I think the outcome was prettymuch as good as it could have been. Stale-mate. Although I reckon that Martin would disagree, he was so close to winning... so close! =D

One chess break came when everyone was let loose wielding their cameras within the temple, pre-meditation. Buddha impersonations were practised to perfection (reclining and otherwise).

Our nun talked us through a quarter hour of meditation. I tried to video it but irritatingly enough my camera decided it would switch itself off one and a half minutes in. Needless to say I was not amused. The mediation itself was bizarre, partly in that when we finished, everyone I spoke to felt though it had lasted only a minute or two. Something must have been working...

Mrs Montgomery bought people hot chocolate at the Tea Room, which was invaded before lunch. I had forgotten my money (left in bag, left in bus- genius) but this actually ended up working out quite well, as the cake everybody seemed to be buying, whilst looking utterly delicious-and-mouthwatering... also was incredibly sweet and filling.

Like many others, Ben found himself in the unfortunate predicament of being unable to completely dispose of his. There was roughly a third left, which Melson and I swiftly disposed of. Believe me, even a sixth of that was filling enough (though I had tried a bit of Rosie's earlier... never say no).

A holiday would not be a proper holiday without the traditional experiencing of the local public conveniences... (whilst waiting outside for Claire; "Melson! Beth! Point to the toliet sign!")

They passed muster. 'Nuff said.

There was a tree just inside the garden on which there were hundreds of prayer-ribbons. The idea is someone adds one and thinks of a wish/prayer for someone else, or even just people in general. When the ribbon falls off, somewhere that prayer is thought to have come true.

I think all agreed that this was a pretty sound idea, and handily enough there was a box full of spare ribbons by the side of the path.So we all rummaged around then did some hanging ourselves...

One of the last things we did was to visit the Stupa. Stupas traditionally keep relics of the Buddha inside, and thousands of mantras above the small room inside. People can have their relatives placed in there for three days, before or after cremation, the idea being that the karma/spirit/whatever you want to call it of a person is unwilling at first to leave the body, and the positive mantras permeate the room and the spirit inside is helped on it's way.

There was also this small shrine on an island in the centre of a pond. People have left hundreds of small offerings on it, anything from stones, to coins, to hairclips, to statues.

Left to right; David, Torquil, Angie, Fraser and Steven.
Just before we set off back home, I took this shot of them all beneath the soon-to-be main entranceway. For anybody wondering, their spelling Y.M.C.A.... and Steven is an exclamation mark.

Phew! That took three days of intense typing!

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Holliday-ing in Mallaig (Part Two)

I think I just reached the end of Day Two with this...

So morning after Fish 'n Chips (or... Chips) we planned to do a bit of scrambling up various hills, to an interesting looking loch, about three or four miles away according to the map, I think. This sounds so much more dry when talking about it.

We started off by taking an immense -and unintentional- detour, over and around a completely unnecessary (one of many) hill. Even falling up this hill, we were trying to negotiate our way through marsh. It's very true what papa said when we were setting out with regards to keeping our feet dry; the further you go, the less you care.
This all culminated in us being forced to either almost entirely retrace our steps, or find some way over a particularly inconventient fence.

We chose the fence.

At last we could continue trooping in the general direction of the lake. We sort-of followed a river.

There was a path also shown on the map. However I think that in the Highlands, 'path' must be defined by 'anything which isn't just grass'. The path itself was a miniature stream, but at least beneath the water the ground was reasonably firm. The worst, and best, bit was when it sort of petered and we found ourselves struggling through thing-deep mud.

I generally found myself walking infront of Sylwia, and she had somehow miraculously managed to keep her feet relatively dry so far, unlike the rest of us (myself included) who had by this time settled down to an impassive tramp. Quite a number of conversations ended up going a bit like this;


'squelch, squelch, SQUELCH.'

"Don't step there, Sylwia."

(from behind)

'squelch, SQUELCH'



"Yep, that's the spot..."

We stopped under an overhang for lunch (egg sandwich mmm...), at the side of the river.

We were actually already reasonably close to the lake, walking the length of a valley but going upwards at the same time so you couldn't see it until you pretty much stepped in it. My ex-geography teacher would have fainted with pleasure:- morraine dammed lake, outwash plain (where we are now), scree, misfit stream... I could go on (but I won't).

And then after ten more minutes of scrambling, here we are;

Really rather spectacular.

Then we turned around and marched back.

But much quicker this time. Cycling, running, walking; always faster coming back. Sometime when we were again making our way through the main marsh, papa spotted a herd of deer running at the end of the valley, they were in single file and ran so speedily, right up the side of the hill (at this point I'm feeling extreme jealousy).

We just came through the gap in the hills. Yes, that's me, no, I'm not impaled on the post... it is intentional.

By the time we found a road (loosest sense of the word), nobody could really get much more wet, but the mud was so irritating that we went for a wee paddle in the roadside loch.

Mind you, even before the wash, our state of nuddy-ness could hardly compare with these guys;

I think Sylwia wanted to take him home. Papa has had a lucky escape, but is now in danger of finding himself with a pet pig.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Monday, 31 October 2011

Holiday-ing in Mallaig (Part One)

As Бабушка Larissa helpfully pointed out last night, I've rather been neglecting to annoy everyone for the past while. This is a horrific oversight and one which I intend to remedy as of now.

I proceed to recount the following tale, the only way it really can be told. EPICALLY.

So! Well in order to celebrate a temporary freedom -a.k.a., the October holls- two(?) weeks ago last sunday Lyovka and I dragged P&S, much abused, off to Mallaig (they screamed the entire way. Odd looks galore on the train) for four days. This is approximately here;

N.B. Liking how the font compares to Inverness.
Come sunday evening and Lyov and I hopped into Edinburgh, hugely overequipped for our great adventure. The remaining few hours were naturally spent eating, unpacking, eating, repacking but better... probably more eating but so knackered by all the hard eating I'd already been doing that at this point I really don't remember.


Monday consisted mostly of rail travel. We rose reasonably early and -finding Princes Street rather more damp than when we had left it- swam hastily on to Waverly station where we proceeded to catch the train to Glasgow by the skin of our teeth.
We found we had had a couple of minutes spare before the next train to Mallaig so I accompanied Papa and Lyov to the nearby Apple store, Papa's IPhone being desperately in need of some protection (a cover). Still, we were in a bit of a hurry to get back- we had left Sylwia stuck in the station, valiantly defending our bags.

I had generously offered Papa some of my own socks, nevertheless he inexpicably decided to buy some from Apple instead.

One advantage to this approach however is that I then scrounged the orange one for my own mobile. It looks considerably grubbier now.


It must have been about 6 o'clock that chilly Monday night when the train finally pulled up at that deserted platform. Glasgow lay behind, ahead, Mallaig awaited us.

We staggered into our toasty rooms in a B&B facing out onto the bay. Lyov immediately dumped his mess in a pile before the sink. I ordered him to clear it up, he picked it up and dumped it somewhere marginally less offensive.
Outside the sky grew ominously dark and we each looked, individually quailed, and promptly made the unanimous decision to courageously watch a film.

First though, it had to be done. We braved the outdoors to get some fish and chips.

Now more on this. If, like me, you don't happen to be a massive fan of fish, coming to Mallaig it strikes me you may have a problem. Allow me to demonstrate.

... I have more.

It's important to remember that this is at best a small town, with maybe two main, quite squat streets. So it amazes me that by the time it had sprouted say, it's fifth fishy establishment, someone didn't go;
"Hmmm... you know what, I realise this is a fishing village, but maybe this market is already pretty much taken. (Here's an idea, I'll start an Indian!)".

In fact, I don't think there's even one food-related venue without some marine connection.

So yeah, fish and chips; I shared a takeaway (second sign down) with Sylwia, which amounted to stealing a significant portion of her chips. Mmmm chips...

On the way back I took the opportunity of releasing some of the nervous energy I had been storing up that entire day, and ran flapping (wearing Papa's oversized sailing coat/jacket) all the way home. (Or rather, ran in circles all the way home, round and round an increasingly seasick P&S and Lyov).
When Sylwia(?) asked what I was doing, I replied that it was a metaphor for the intellectual circles I run around them. Lyov then suggested it could alternately be a metaphor for my going round in circles. I prefer my explination.

I think I'm going to have to write this in installments. For now, ta-ta!