Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Coats, Hats On!

It is amusing to watch everyone still cling to their winter coats, I think out of disbelief that there can be such a thing as warm weather.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Celebrating Elation

Sharp prows slice up the waves
an artic morning sailing day.
Chill wind and icy spray
to sweep a tingling face
and tingling legs glued to a
soaring deck.
No miracle in walking when you
fly across the water in close-haul!

An artic morning sailing day
and cups of tea.
Gulped steaming in a cockpit -
hand on tiller hand keeping ropes
from thrashing free, how
can a motor
on a grey strip thrill if yachts
tack freely on a boundless sea?

The agitated wake astern she
courses on at ease.
An arctic morning sailing day
may find a breeze, skipping past rigs
- stings ruddy cheeks bared
in elation.
Skin turned a hue of blue
to match the beryl of the seas.

From place to place a soundless
glide dictated by the shore.
The tide - the fog cut through
with enterprise
of wind and will and yachting skill
to sail where a sailor likes.
All to a harbour leagues away,
An arctic morning sailing day.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Clambering all over the side of Traprain Law with a friend, taking soil samples, slope gradient, windspeed and sunlight readings.

Must be a rather curious sight. Couple of bemused hikers looking on. The joys of causing confusion in others!


(It is a soil sample.)