Saturday, 10 September 2011


So yes, I think I'll start with THE PUZZLE.

For the past few days, Jigsaw Mania has had the entire household firmly in its grip. This is a normal occurrence whenever a jigsaw is produced, but not normally on this sort of scale- I'm not happy with whichever genius selected this particular puzzle; over the past six days it has deprived me of sleep, food and valuable time otherwise spent studying.


Day 3
Day 4
Day 6
Despite what these photos may suggest, Lyovka -or, as I now like to refer to him, LevPod on account of Lev/Ipod; I haven't caught him kissing it yet but its only a matter of time... sorry sidetracked- has not been the only, or indeed most obsessive person completing it (I can't photograph myself  ;) ).

And now for today.... (Yesterday is a whole separate post.)

Venessa has paid a visit, bringing with her a whole pile of TASTY STUFF (be jealous, be very jealous) including jam, and not including a bread making machine- which she did bring, but I don't expect it to be particularly tasty.

I have finally found the time to watch Inception. Meaning to do this for over a week already but somehow the evenings have always ended up being too full with (often last-minute) homework and revision and whatnot. Absolutely brilliant -if somewhat confusing- film, at last I understand what everyone was going on about!

I had been mentioning it periodically throughout most of yesterday, so here -papa- is the trailer.

And we (Percy, Dodie, Lyovka and I) journeyed to Gifford for dinner.
I just wanted to show this photograph:

I call it 'Dinner with LevPod' - note the headphones, I can vouch for the fact he's playing on it (at this specific moment, under the table). Sociable sort of chap =L .

But overall a very nice time. Thanks all.

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