Monday, 12 September 2011

At the same time as all these significant developements at home, I continue to attend school (What? School and jisgaw, at the same time?!).

It's all pretty amazing, lots of work but far more interesting than before... but I think that English has to be leading on sheer comedic value.

The large silver box is infact Mr Edwards' hat, as we discovered whilst being called up one by one to set our target grades... There are a relatively few number of things I have observed as bizzare as watching a shiny box chat airily to a pupil about their highers.
Sadly I didn't get any pictures of grading-in-action. Imcidentally just to verify; that is a lollipop.

Also, the Buddha in the R.M.P.S. department:

I'm checking if that Ritz cracker is still there on monday. I think its been languishing on poor Siddhartha's lap since about tuesday. I don't think Mrs Montgomery's noticed yet...


Our R.M.P.S classes meanwhile have involved listening to numerous youtube song on the subject of spinning... (this is claiming to relate to samsara. To be honest, it's just nice.)

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