Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Coats, Hats On!

It is amusing to watch everyone still cling to their winter coats, I think out of disbelief that there can be such a thing as warm weather.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Celebrating Elation

Sharp prows slice up the waves
an artic morning sailing day.
Chill wind and icy spray
to sweep a tingling face
and tingling legs glued to a
soaring deck.
No miracle in walking when you
fly across the water in close-haul!

An artic morning sailing day
and cups of tea.
Gulped steaming in a cockpit -
hand on tiller hand keeping ropes
from thrashing free, how
can a motor
on a grey strip thrill if yachts
tack freely on a boundless sea?

The agitated wake astern she
courses on at ease.
An arctic morning sailing day
may find a breeze, skipping past rigs
- stings ruddy cheeks bared
in elation.
Skin turned a hue of blue
to match the beryl of the seas.

From place to place a soundless
glide dictated by the shore.
The tide - the fog cut through
with enterprise
of wind and will and yachting skill
to sail where a sailor likes.
All to a harbour leagues away,
An arctic morning sailing day.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Clambering all over the side of Traprain Law with a friend, taking soil samples, slope gradient, windspeed and sunlight readings.

Must be a rather curious sight. Couple of bemused hikers looking on. The joys of causing confusion in others!


(It is a soil sample.)

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Mad as a Hatter

Feels so good to be back! Can't stay for long, I'm afraid I'm still more than a tad snowed under with work in a multitude of forms - however I really really couldn't resist taking a moment out to show you this:

Sixth Years at Knox dress up for Childern in Need and go around the classes to collect donations (threaten younger students). I've spent a good part of today snooping around Edinburgh - eating cake - in search of a TOP HAT for my Mad Hatter. Thanks specially to Papa and Sylwia, who set me on the path to hat sucess (not making sense entirely but hey-ho)!

Normally I would refrain from inflicting a photo of my mug on anyone, however I'm rather pleased that the face-painting wasn't an entirely botched job and thus the Theatre Art course I bled and sweat over *winks*  all last year must finally be paying off.

After sitting at my desk some while I completely forgot my conspicuous apparel and took an emergency stroll to the newsagents...

Monday, 1 October 2012

Fruit Situations

Some fiend keeps buying oranges...

I can't dispose of them fast enough. The pressure is unbearable.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Well, aside from some last minute progress with Personal Statements (don't get me started, oh ok, maybe later), today has proved a depressing waste of time...

HIGHLIGHT: Clearing Tesco out of greek yogurt. Bit of an acquired taste but I highly recommend it.

In related news -largely to add excitement to an otherwise very dull few of hours- my imaginary pet goldfish died in tragic circumstances. The Great Lord Sauron will be sorely missed. Funeral held at the Aubigny pool after school on Wednesday, everyone invited.

I must say, I'm somewhat loving typing in a unsophisticated, probably incorrect (but I haven't checked! :D) and certianly terrible fashion. Having to overstrain my less-than-capable grey matter as to the best way to phrase every miniscule segment of my Personal Statement (more stuff for Wednesday, no rest for the wicked) has done my head in. Observe - if you will - the text I have just reeled off (<--- "reeled off" being an inacurate expression to use considering I am neither writing by hand nor speaking. Yet there is no necessity for me to find a better one. Isn't it wonderful?! *grins manically*) is clumsy and generally badly written. Under normal circumstances I would go over this and edit, chop and change, generally improve etc. Today however, I shall revel in leaving this as it is. Muahahahaha!

Goodbye people.