Thursday, 15 September 2011


At some point soon, I have to write about my (Saturday?) with Papa, Sylwia and Monica.
Currently, too much homework, coupled with an R.M.P.S. Assessment tomorrow. In other words, fun stuff.

Just to say that I've started a Theatrical Art course (i.e., decorating actors) which runs 4-5.30(pm...) on a Monday, so that should be interesting... and had a great time catching up with Emma (Campbell) for a couple of hours after piano- which I busted a gut trying to get to in time after being rung by Dodie (in class- I was staying late to hear about the Theatrical course) saying Lyovik wasn't well enough to have his lesson and wouold I come home in time for it? Ten minutes before it was about to start.

So I'll leave you lot with this.

I spent hours looking up 'The Editors- Butterfly' and wondering why nothing relevant appeared. Moron.

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