Sunday, 4 September 2011

Exploits in Edinburgh

I return home following an eventful day on the town with Papa and Sylwia.

Catching a (relatively) early bus in I skedaddled over to The Tea Tree Cafe (a regular haunt) where P&S were lying in wait... a cup or so of green tea and a chat (mostly verbal diarrhoea on my part- should I be saying that?) later and we head off for Princes Street through the graveyard/park. No sooner have we stepped onto the graveyard path, than we are accosted by this wee guy:

Depending on how well you can make that out, you may or may not be able to see the bread he's munching on. My bread. Effectively it was a stick-up. My feet were circled until I dug out some food and I felt under constant threat of having him run up my leg.
He then decided that apparently my bread wasn't good enough for him, and scurried off, leaving it lying on the ground.

On my way to contact lens fluid (was running short), Sylwia took us round to the top floor of some shop to inspect the herbal and fruit teas after I'd mentioned some apple tea which Mr Dempster -my registration class teacher- had recommended to me after I had walked to school drinking the green tea which I hadn't finished and was loathe to leave at home. I have been drinking compious amounts of the stuff since Sylwia introduced us kick-starting my addiction. That aside, there were some other more, well... unusual items on sale...

Witness: Tequila lolipop containing (real) worm.

Thanks, papa, for bringing that to my attention.

We scooted round the Ingleby ('of the Interesting Exhibitions') and then took the most direct -and there was some debate as to this- route possible to the Fruitmarket Gallery cafe.
Continuing on the theme of animals we found there an unusual sort of cake...




Immediately christened 'Kermit Cake' by Sylwia, I think our requests somewhat confused the waitress.

The resemblance is striking.

What else what else what else.... ooooh the best exhibition, in my opinion definitely John Byrne's work in the Open Eye Gallery. It was incredibly quirky, especially the smaller paintings appealed enormously to me (there was a book full of his illustrations which I absolutely loved, particularly as the separate pictures were also hanging above the copy of the book all over the wall.

I have been trying to explain to various people exactly where the Open Eye Gallery is. This has been made more difficult by the fact I couldn't remember it's name. To that end, I have filched a map!

It is THERE.

And finally... I have a new book!

Travels with Herodotus, courtesy of papa. Already part way through and finding it very readable -a 'Good Thing', if you happen to be a book-, also think Mrs Adam, our long suffering Latin teacher might take an interest....

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