Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Taking Advantage

I'm very busy taking advantage of all the music concerts in the Town Hall on a saturday. The notice makes me gleeful;

"Insert Composer Name"
"tickets £12"
"students free"

Students free? That means meeeeeeee! =D Who would have thought, it would seem that school does have it's uses after all...

...all for now.

Monday, 27 February 2012

I Have A Big Fat Guilty Feeling =S

Several people have pointed out recently that I have rather neglected my blogging lately.

I have, of course, been painfully aware of this for the last oh... approximately two months- it's just taken me this long to actually do anything about it. To Babushka particularly, I'm so very very sorry (although admittedly quite pleased to have been missed *grins*).
In my defence, I have been pretty knackered from a spot of rather intense revision (blatant exaggeration! She's just lazy ;) )- and also I have noticed that, the more there is happening, the less I tend to write. There is a direct negative correlation (woo maths!) between the two, and rather a lot has been happening.

Item One:
I am not going to be able to settle down to write anything else until I have introduced everyone to the song Lyovik just told me about (it's currently playing on 'loop'- has been for about two hours, and probably will be for the next two).

As the title rather suggests, it's a cover- but if anything I prefer it to the original although both videos are really quite quirky and amazing I think I like the voice of the first chap singing to the one in the original song, and the second chap singing in the video creates quite a nice contrast and the girl has a lovely voice... basically they're all amazing. I'll shut up about it now and let you listen yourselves.

Item Two:
Okay, everything I'm saying is already in a very random order (in other words, no order), so imma just gonna go with it and mention anything that pops into my head as it does so. Aaaaahhhh, the death of chronology. Oh well.

Rosie has (finally!!! ;) ) mailed some of the photkis from the second to last (the last being this friday) Gig we went along to at the Bridge Centre. It was pretty awesome stuff.

A lot of hat swapping/stealing/confiscation/appropriation going on. N.B. For most of the evening I only wore one (not mine. No idea where that went.) at a time. This was a bit of a high point.

I'm the lion on the bottom. Lion having a seat would be Lex (Alexa, Lexie). We work together to be tall!

The music is something great, most of the bands are people from Knox (Academy), able to start playing because of the Bridge Centre and getting quite far. Diamond Rush were the opening band on friday, playing both their own music (ex Knox pupils and progressing hugely every time I ear them... just remembering when they were in 4th year), and Sweet Home Alabama to finish, which is always good.

Item Three:
What else? Well, I joined the Ramblers ('walking charity') for a casual 8 mile stroll up and down a couple of hills yesterday. This is a first, one I've enjoyed so much I'm looking forward to another next sunday! I suppose it kinda goes with the running, only you have more breath to chat. Not that I'm ever short of that... (people will testify).

Being the numpty that I am, I intended to bring a camera but naturally forgot it. In the immortal words of Homer (Simpson); "Doh!".

I also had the best-ever-in-the-entire-world-during-the-history-of-man assorted green-stuff sandwich.
I made it.
I didn't photograph that either. ='(

... (It's gone now *sobs*).