Saturday, 14 April 2012

...And Here's One I Made Earlier.

I was having a 'Baking Period' toward the end of March. I'd picked up a cake book from Oxfam (that's an entire 60p, well spent) so I finally got round to baking a Strawberry Roulade (long time ambition), which was a lot quicker/easier/more successful than I had dared to imagine... and this, a 'Lemon Slice'? I think.

... we'll ignore the big burnt patch at the top... (ignore it!).

Didn't last long. These things never do.

This is on a constant loop on my IPod at the moment. Well, this and Walk Off The Earth 'Gianni's 'Jammin' A Hammock'... they have to be some of the best lyrics ever; "ging-ging-ging-ging-ging-ging-ga-ging-ga, ging-ging-ging-ging-ging-ging-ga-ging..."

Friday, 13 April 2012

Hullo, Papa, Sylwia!

Please remind me to give you A) Your long, long overdue birthday presents, which are still languishing in my 'Give To P&S' draw and B) Sylwia's mother's day present, currently swinging from my doorframe.

I NEED YOUR HELP. Or I shall continue to forget :'(.