Tuesday, 8 March 2011

A Cat Poem

Written a while ago, but I think it's passable, in a quirky sort of way (I have a photo to go with it!);


Some people think cats are a nuisance,
I for one, don't believe I agree,
But much though I myself love them,
They seem disapproving of me.

I suspect that they feel some resentment,
To the shape of my eyebrows and nose,
My friends say that I shouldn't blame them,
They shy away from the stench of my toes.

According to people who notice,
This rather unfortunate fact;
When I near an innocent pussy,
That pussy is driven to act!

If I look at a cat then it growls
I try nearing a cat and it bites,
I try stroking a cat then it howls!
They're denying me of my cat-loving rights.

Some people think cats are a nuisance,
I for one, don't believe I agree,
But much as I myself love them,
They seem disapproving of me.


Monday, 7 March 2011


There's so much going on at the moment, it's becoming quite hard to keep track of. Hopefully slow down soon... hopefully.
Aaanyway, tried maths revision class today! No, that isn't maths club. It's well-I-have-to-do-something-so-I-might-aswell-get-some-help-with-it class. Wasn't bad either. I actually did some maths, which in itself is shocking (I'm not good at revision).

Revising... well, sort of.
What else? Oh;

What else is new... hmmm. Well, I've started basketball on a Saturday. Nothing too serious, just going down to the sports centre with 15 or so other folks and booking a court. I've never really liked it before, only ever play at school gym sessions, which up until recently have been fairly horrendous.
But this was fun! No (permanent) injuries, bit of a miracle.

Hopefully doing that again this Saturday! Lor... quite a full diary at the moment!

(....haven't got any basketball photos)

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Which Church?

I'm not entirely Christian. In fact, I don't think I'm entirely anything, and I reckon a lot of people could probably say the same. It's the whole; "I believe in something... somewhere....".

That's not to say I'm not interested in religion.

But I figure all that has been said before, so, onwards.
This Sunday I decided to accompany my friend Beth to one of our local Presbyterian churches, the West Church. In a way I felt a a bit of a fraud; it probably has something to do with standing in the pews, surrounded by a sea of earnest, hopeful faces and singing praises to the Lord.... whilst becoming more guilty by the minute for not truly believing any of it.

This is not West Church by the way, it's a photo I took of Yorkshire Cathedral. I wanted something church-like but I haven't actually got any others. Apologies.

Still, standing there like a vegetable wasn't really an option and I feel it was only polite to follow their rules, whilst on their turf.
Everyone was very friendly, which of course, was nice, and Beth was very helpful in explaining what was going on, and what everything was for.

Back A Bit..

Ooooh, backtrack, I should perhaps have mentioned the reason for my excursion into the spiritually fulfilling. Simply this; as part of my curriculum this year I took up R.M.P.S. (Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies) and for the second part of the course we learn about Christianity, Christ etc.
Now that we're coming up to exams, and everyone is realising that yes, to pass you have to study (and 'oh dear, what happened to the rest of the year?'), I thought what better way to do so than to get some first hand experience?

I have been to church before, but again, the feeling of hypocrisy drove me out. I was loath to say that I did believe in their God whenever I was asked, as I hate bending the truth (particularly in church, not very respectful), but hardly felt I could continue to go whilst proclaiming I felt no sympathy for their beliefs. Awkward.

Anyway, I'm going back again next week in order to widen my experience. It was really quite pleasant overall and in a way I'm quite looking forward to it.

In in the interest of trying something new...

Hullo all! After a long series of internal debates, I finally convinced myself to try BLOGGING. To be perfectly honest, the whole concept confuses me slightly, not least the question of, who will actually want to read any of this? Anyhoo, here I am, and I think the title is rather fitting, although at first I hadn't meant it to refer to this.

Well, it's been an interesting weekend for sure! Now I actually think about it, containing quite a number of firsts.

A friend and I went cycling, several miles but nothing too daunting, to Traprain Law, which we then proceeded boldly to scale. Ok, so I admit, it might not totally qualify. I have been up there before. But once only, and that in Primary Five, so I think i'll let it slide.

T'was really quite fun! ... and we found this mysterious, circular array of stones.... crop circles leap to mind. The thing is, I can't actually think of any reasons for them to be there. Am I missing something obvious here? Suggestions anyone? They're at the very summit of the hill, but as you can see, they fit together so badly that they couldn't be any sort of ruin, besides the whole structure was far too small, and completely isolated.

The Conundrum;

There doesn't appear to be any conceivable reason for them being there. Yet they are, and for some reason somebody obviously bothered to lug them up there. Why?!?