Wednesday, 7 September 2011

and at school....

Which is the main focus of my activities, for the moment;

It was Mr Dempster's (our long-suffering registration teacher, I might have mentioned) birthday last Friday... we only found out about four days after the event as he omitted to tell us -but we have our sources-. In desperation we resorted to making a card...
The frog is significant- somewhat awesomely, Mr Dempster collects frogs... though not the live variety, as far as we're aware. Hence people give him frogs. This froggy mania extends to such an extent that pupils have taken to drawing many and varied frogs on the whiteboard behind his desk, and Mr Dempster to scanning them into his computer and adding them to his wallpaper when finally forced to rub the multitudes of them out.

Headmistress Relations

I now find myself jumping at the slightest provocation whenever I exit the school. Mrs Craig (headmistress) is officially the root cause of this. She seems to have taken to lurking at whichever exit I choose, and bizarrely cultivates a severe dislike of my -merely light brown, entirely necessary and totally inoffensive- undershirt. I was first accosted last tuesday, whilst stepping unsuspectingly out of the school. Preoccupied in relishing my first sweet breath of freedom, I noticed nothing as she crept towards me.

The exchange went something like this;

"Oi! You!"
I freeze. Not me?
I look about. 
A ferocious glare singles me out from the mob.
Oh dear.

"Why are you wearing that?"

An awkward way to refer to my iPod- definitely illegal and clipped very conspicuously in all its orange glory on the edge of my pocket.
Also not really relevant to my badge, which, two weeks into the term really should have been stuck to my jacket- but most certainly wasn't.

I profess myself confused.

"That brown thing! Why are you wearing it?"

Brown... brown... ummm... Oh!
"My undershirt? I have to, the shirt's transluscent."
"Well perhaps you should buy them somewhere they sell proper shirts."

I refrain from pointing out that mine were standard ordered through her school...

"Don't let me catch you wearing that thing again."

I 'Okay' and tiptoe demurely away. She stares me to the end of the road.

To quote the immortal Ronald Weasley; "I won't... let you catch me."

Exciting stuff...

Otherwise, events proceed relatively smoothly. Heading of on an overnight trip to the Buddhist temple, Samye Ling with the R.M.P.S. department sometime in November! Very much looking forward to meditating, eating veggie stuff, more mediating and above all... TEA!

More on this once it's actually happened.

That's all for tonight, folks. Cheerio.

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