Friday, 30 September 2011

Ending September

The Best Month of the year.

T'was my 16th yesterday. A very nice way to finish up, if you ask me. I had a beautiful day, mostly due to the efforts of Dodie, Percy and Lyovka, the presence of Papa and Sylwia, and birthday wishes from all my friends.

Thanks all for the load of great cards! I opened half a dozen in the morning, then they accumulated steadily throughout the day....

Ailish (a.k.a. 'Lish-babes') gave me fridge magnets (as well as a notepad I'd been practically drooling over in Kesleys, though she wasn't to know this, so good call!)! I promptly thanked her using the only truly appropriate method:

I am also try desperately to transfer from my phone the the computer a photo of my very first Lottery Ticket, courtesy of Angie, on which I won five pounds. I hope this is a good omen, at any rate I'm reasonably impressed! The bizarre thing was going into the newsagents, and having them give money to me. Felt a bit like a hold-up.

And the cake!... Oooh the cake....

Infact, TWO cakes: Chocolate is always necessary, but also lemon as Percy is on a strictly non-chocolate diet. Can't say I'm complaining.
I had been asking after a specific CD, but Lyovka had the bright idea to give me instead an iTunes card, and having also collected one from P&S (thanks!) I'm now busy clearing out the iTunes store... including -and I'm not usually into this sort of music, but...- a song Lyovka just made me listen to:

And before I'm entirely off the subject of chocolate, we bought some for after-dinner.

Let me just say that there aren't that many of these left!

So now I'm really looking forward to Sunday. Going into Edinburgh for an eye test at 4ish, but meeting up with P&S before that, and hopefully raiding the shops armed with some 'Birthday-Money'! And cafes, of course.

Another upside to finally becoming sixteen is that at last I can join the running club. I checked today and it's supposed to be wednesday nights, so we'll see how that goes...

(Durm, Durm, DURM).

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