Tuesday, 2 August 2011

So it's not really been anyone's month...

Quite relieved to finally have reached August, I think July seriously had it in for us.

First of all, Nuala's (the lovely Irish next-door neighbour) dad died. Then to top that off, whilst they're in Ireland Felix (Nuala's son) breaks his wrist. Then when Sarah, Michael, Belinda and Honor come to visit us, Honor removes her fingertip in a folding chair. About two days after her birthday, Belinda breaks her arm (they did operate) then another two days later Lyovka (the -my- wee brother) breaks -or something similar- his big toe. I must say, what with all the rest of my relations of the same generation wrapped up in various forms of banadage, I've had the distinct feeling that I can only have so much time left.

Came across this whilst reading, I think it's quite brilliant;

Anglophobia- "Fear of England or English culture, etc."

... and to think of all those terrifying English, running around just beyond the border...!
Following this I develope a casual curiosity and investigate further. This is quite an interesting website (from which I nicked the Anglophobia definition, though it's pretty much self-explanitory): The Phobia List
I looked through the list though, and what I find... well not odd, but a bit miffing, is that it doesn't by any means list names for phobias of every country. Are the English in some way particularly scary?

Perhaps it's all that tea...

And I've been doing some further decorating, finally shifting the Lava Lamp in... 

So it's useful to have a brother with relatively similar taste in music. Naturally, mine is better. However, thanks to Lyovik, I've come across this;

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