Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Here We Go Again...

Soooo, we're back at school... first day and I've already spent most of it chasing around desperately trying to find half a dozen different people:

- Mrs Ball ("give me my blazer!")
- Frazer ("and this is the calculator you abandoned in Physics...")
- The History Teacher, a.k.a., Mrs Anderson or Ando-babes ("...I have no idea what history is doing on my timetable.")
- The Maths Teacher, a.k.a., Mr Barclay ("I know my timetable says History, but I'm actually just going to sit in on your lessons...")
- The Guidance Teacher, a.k.a., I've No Idea ("Someone screwed up my timetable!")

...aaaand etc.

At least my classes are pretty much perfect (bar the whole History-Maths situation, now mostly sorted). Very much looking forward to five periods of Latin and R.M.P.S. per week.

Due to a severe case of OCD which dictates that I have to copy everything out (notes, that sort of thing) in Physics, I've already inflicted several tonnes of homework on myself in order to stay abreast of the work. I've only just started, but looking at everything I have to do, I'm beginning to wonder how long I can keep that up for.

It appears that studying 'The Great Gatsby' was well anticipated by Beth and myself. Mr Edwards (otherwise 'The legend that is an English Teacher') announced it as the very first text we will be studying/examining/peering at in minute detail under a microscope for the Higher exam ("of which only 80% of your final mark is comprised!" Yaaay... *depressed face*).

(P.S. The English class was seriously overcrowded. Forty one people sitting in today according to Mr E. Legal limit is thirty, oooooohhhh....).

The best of luck to Katie "Melonhead" who, being a jammy wee bugger, is only restarting school on what... the 25th? And has very recently (finally!) updated her blog, lots of photos included ... oh dear...
Also, so much thanks to Mrs Hubbard, who has brought me unscathed through Higher Russian, and is even now investigating possible further courses roughly equivalent to AH over and beyond the call of duty.

Well, I'm sort of in the middle of part of that pile of Physics I mentioned, so I reckon I'd better quit procrastinating (though 'tis an excellent sport) and tackle a bit more of it... wish me luck! (or don't; your call).


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