Monday, 15 August 2011

Trying to Catch Up.

My feet hurt from rediscovering tennis.

Where writing is concerned, I've been very busy procrastinating.

Bethie is back! Payed a visit to the pool and sauna where we were randomly accosted by a wee girl asking if we could do handstands in the water, and were we 6th year. Liked her immediately.

Theeen back to Beth's for some intensive revision... in the sun... on the trampoline... oh well.

Very jealous of the trousers.

Being super-prepared for highers (start on wednesday, aaaagggh!), we've been reading through 'The Great Gatsby'... hopefully finish going over chapter two before we start up again on wednesday.

AND I baked some killer banana cake (eat it, before it eats YOU)... eh, actually, I've already eaten it.

However, Lewis is doing even better than me in the food department. Angie, Lewis and I infiltrated David's for a Lord of the Rings film marathon... whilst Angie and David took some time out to battle with chips, Lulu and I hopped out to get him a 'proper' lumch from tesco's...

That, people, is two packs of tesco sandwiches, a tub of pasta, full pack of Doritos, two tubs of spicy-sauce-dip-stuff, two tubs of trifle (family packs), this after having consumed most of our (David's) biscuits.... the chips are mine.

That he can eat that much, and still not have to roll home, is incredibly irriatating.

I also want the T-shirt and socks, but that's just by the way.

I'm tired now, a lot to write about so maybe tomorrow... *snoozes*...

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