Sunday, 7 August 2011

Everything normally confined to the weekend

A bit of a last-minute arrangement on thursday morning and Flora and I are off skiing at some horrible hour of the morning. Naturally, it starts to rain.
Being as organised as we are, we arrived in Edinburgh with no clue of how to get to Hillend. Fortunately, somebody happened to look up, and spot the bus timetable- particularly the section declaring '4 - Hillend via blah-blah-blah - insert time 5 minutes later here'. Problem solved. Unfortunately (and judging by the number of 'blahs' to be expected) this was not the speedy bus (we are aware of your existence *glares*). So by the time we staggered -it's still early- off at the bottom of the drive for Hillend, hunger had set in.

Can you tell she isn't a health freak?

Following a bite and a bit of a rocky start (Flo's first time on a dry slope- not that it was at that point, particularly dry =/ ) I think we got quite into it, despite the fact we could only stay an hour in order to be able to get to Gifford on time... more on that later. Definitely quite glad to have got in a spot of practise before the course next week.

On the bus back we bagged the best seats, and put our feet up;

Feet have been a recurring theme these past few days.

And Exams....

The downside to skiing that morning was that with the post on thursday came exam results. Or maybe it was a good thing, preventing us from sitting underneath and staring at the letterbox for hours, impatience, anticipation and anxiety punctuated only with the occasional fit.

Either way, I spent the morning repeatedly (blissfully) forgetting about what awaited me at home, being repeatedly (inadvertently) reminded by Flora, becoming excited/het-up/panic-striken, then struck by some other meaningful thought (oooohh, birdie!) forgetting again, only to re-undergo the whole process half an hour later.
My memory failed me to the extent that results did not cross my mind even walking casually into the drive... that is, until Flora says something along the lines of; "Oh, and you'll be able to open your results now--" *looks around but I'm already at the door like a NINJA*.

I'm haaaaappy! Who would have thought it, pessimism does work- I'm perfectly pleased with my results (once they were out of the envelope, much shaking involved...)!

When We Camped

Another ten minutes and we were rushing madly for the bus to take us to Flora's. As I was with her already and my everybody was out, it sort of made sense to go over to hers early. Holly (older sister to Flo) had been allowed a sizeable garden party, plus overnight stay for most friends in an even more sizeable tent.
Flo was now permitted the same. People were arriving at six, so it still being early in the day, Flo and I busied ourselves around the kitchen, primarily the cake bowl.

I'd like to say I contributed to actually making the cake (not just eating it after; although, Lewis, William, wow, easy on the portions!), but I think that might put people off it, so I won't (I did, I did!).

As people trickled in, we played badminton and with hula hoops (not the edible sort), then when deemed up to full strength, shifted back inside...
... to watch Harry Potter, No. 1- and munch. Needless to say, I think Lewis, William and I drove Katie nearly to distraction, debating throughout about film vs. book, mistakes, things that irritated, and quoting the film before the actual actors had a chance to get a word out. T'was fun!!

Just prior to the end of the film, Liz (William's mum) turned up and requisitioned some of us in order to take home. Ah well. Flo, Katie, Steph and I migrated OUT to the tent and proceeded to sort of not sleep for a while...

So mostly consisting of rabbit impressions...
Believe it or not, we did wake up the next day (and at a reasonably decent hour). I know, I was shocked. Although I think someone felt a bit worse for the wear...

Aww Flo!

This is becoming quite a long post. I think it has something to do with the fact that the weather outside is miserable.

I think I mentioned before that Katie was moving away *sad face*, so her mum picked her up around an hour after we'd got/packed up. Moving to Dumfries, but we will come up and visit you!!

Katie's final entrance. R.I.P, or something similar. (P.S. write, or else!)

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