Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Stuff that is Overdue & Oddments.

To Have Been Posted Four Days Ago

Despite finally having the opportunity to sleep in, something possessed me to ask Beth out running this morning at eight. Downsides to running with friends; I can with reasonably clear conscience decide to go running early-ish, then stand myself up when getting out of bed becomes too difficult. Ditching a friend, is sadly not on.

Church beckons tomorrow morning, providing the opportunity to sit in a happy stupor through the service, unfortunately even this can't quite compare to waking up the wrong side of eleven.

Plans to go swimming at the Aubigny with Nuala -the amazing Irish next-door neigbour- had to be postponed and revised following unsavoury and somewhat distressing news from Mark -said neighbour's husband- concerning someone having relieved themselves in the pool (I now understand why they pump the Aubigny so full of chlorine. Yuck.). Suddenly going there for a swim loses its appeal, and the decision is taken to drive instead to Northberwick and count on the pool roof having been replaced (else face a rather chilly plunge). This was promptly done; we were fortunate enough to strike lucky.

N.B. I have discovered the best carrot cake in entire East Lothian! Fenton Barnes cafe... mmmm...

In Other News

Бабушка (Grandmother) Larissa has had kittens. Well, at any rate, after lying down for a two hour nap with our Cat-In-Chief (Cheese), she woke up and found herself sharing her bed with more rather Cats than she remembered there being when she had gone to sleep.

Above: Cheese & Co. peek guiltily back at the camera- courtesy of Babushka, Much Abused.
'Small & Useless Wooden Item'

Also (though not quite so thrilling), the workshop is now cleared again and fit for human habitation. Consequently I am back to churning out small and useless wooden items (the hardest part of study leave has been finding how to fill my time).

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