Sunday, 26 June 2011

A Series of Unconnected Statements.

Writing on a blog is supposed to excersise and thereby improve my writing skills. Personally, I suspect it has simply encouraged me to become more talkative, regardless of whether anyone is listening, or actually cares.

Randomly; this wee guy has taken up residency on my light switch.
 It isn't relevant, I just quite like the photo.

Quite excited having started learning a new piece on the piano. So far only gone as far as the third line, and reasonably slowly at that, but it's got to be one of the nicest pieces I've ever had to play. Looks a lot easier than it is; it's not getting the notes right (I think there are only two places in the entire piece where you play a chord), but playing them at the right speed which makes it difficult.

Solfeggietto, C.P.E. Bach

Following the break that was study leave, I have begun cycling to school (cutting down on travelling time leaves me free to get up later). I think it's something I might stick with doing. The route I take goes along the river and the weather is usually nice in the morning (NICE weather?!? In Scotland?! Woman, you're mad!).

Unfortunately for me this means that the time taken for required maintenance on the bike has increased. The tires are beginning to go flat and my breaks sound as though they've never met an oil can.

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