Saturday, 28 May 2011

History & Edinburgh

Last Friday; History Exam. Too little time, scribbling throughout, hand very painful after. I shudder to imagine Higher history.

Following day; scaling Arthur's Seat by way of relaxation. Not so big as to be daunting, although several points at which a potentialy fatal combiation of wind and sleep deprivation threatened to send me plummeting from the top. Debatable as to whether I'd have noticed.

Forgot my camera, so no pictures. However due to contact lenses, this is the first time on which, reaching the summit, I have actually been able to see anything. T'was very nice by way of a change.

Stopped in on this exhibition;

where we found this;


in an isolated, sound-proofed room. Slightly hypnotic. Created by Pipilotti Rist, quite like her take on the song (- papa; I googled it, she did re-record it herself -).

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