Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The News

Last two days, have been very productive.

I have rescued my long-lost, much-adored mobile (it's crummy but I love it), which for the past few weeks has been left languishing in the First Bus Lost Property Depot in Dalkieth (where is Dalkeith!? I have yet to find someone who knows!)

At approx. 11.30am yesterday morning, salad was eaten Kesley's (bookshop) for lunch. In my exsistence this counts as a major achievement (the salad there is gorgeous).

.... In the same place, I obtained a new notepad;

 No such thing as too many notepads (and this one is beauuuuuutiful).

Slightly randomly, driving around in the countryside on a number of occasions it has struck me how similar the flight of certain small birds is to the 'helicopter game'?
» Helicopter game - ICM Joker Website - Funny Videos, Clips, Photos and Stories
i.e., flap a bit, drop, flap, drop.

Finally saw PotC, On Stranger Tides, by suggestion of papa and Sylwia. So good! Two criticisms only;

+ They might have called it something like 'Adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow' as opposed to 'Pirates of the Caribbean' as very few (four?) of the original characters were retained, and some scenes didn't take place in the Caribbean at all. Personally, a title like that would have appealed to me, without implying the joint presence of Keira Knightly & Orlando Bloom.
+ Also, the zombies. They seemed quite unnecessary and  irrelevant to the storyline. On top of the mermaids, I think they made one mythical creature too many.

Apart from that, just brilliant. Much thanks to P&S.

Running (early) tomorrow. I feel like crying, why do I arrange these things?!?

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