Thursday, 23 June 2011

What I've been omitting to write about over the past few days.

I return, following a bit of an intermission.

The reason for this lack of activity on my part for once springs from an abundance of other stuff to do, as opposed to sheer laziness.

The Other Stuff

To miss as much school (we are doing nothing) as possible, I volunteered to help out at King's Meadow Primary School's (KMPS <---highly exciting) sports day... basically spent two days sitting in a field, ordering primary school pupils to excersise. This sort of work, I like. 
No photos, unfortunately (didn't even try to get any. I had a feeling that being spotted taking pictures of the kids, I would firstly have been attacked by the onlooking parents, then promptly conducted back to Knox (Academy) -or alternately, the police station-.

T'was fun, though.... not so much possibly for the wee girl in the three legged race who continued being dragged to the finish line having fallen over; maybe her partner didin't notice. More likey he didn't care. This is one of a few things I wish I could have captured on film.

Sunday... and with it came 'Race For Life'. I've never done anything like this before and I was a tad apprehensive; going with a friend (Bethie), we were meeting a host of her relatives in Holyrood Park before the event, running it with them, then heading over to one of their houses for food.

Also whenever I'm atending something which I've never attended before, I have a wholly unfounded fear of a) tunring up late b) turning up in the wrong place, thereby not turning up at all, and c) turning up in the right place, ontime, then finding everyone else has turned up late and in the wrong place.

You shall be please to hear, no doubt, that none of this however happened. 

My RFL number (mine, all mine, my preciousss...) and medal (rather less precious; everybody got one).
T'was all very pleasant and quite easy-going, more so than I had expected. People-wise, all appeared happy and eager to go (excluding those recently finished running the 10k, who just looked fairly exhausted and eager to collapse).

On reaching the finish line everyone was also handed a 'goodie bag' (not my favourite term), which among other things, contained two squares of kitchen towel and a small tube of toothpaste. Thanks. =/

(P.S. Somehow, a total of £50 managed to materialise on my sponsorship form in the two days between the moment in which I remembered/noticed it, and the start of the race. So, for all those who unwittingly promised money, prepare to be hunted down (and possibly eaten, although this depends on whether or not you cough up)  =I .)

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