Friday, 3 June 2011

Holidays Beckon!

Exams are finished! It doesn't seem possible.

And I'm very tired.

Well... it's been an interesting two days. The Haddington festival machine is switching somewhat rustily into first gear (it took me a couple of days to find out it was the festival week... we live in the centre of town), and we have not been shirking the celebrations.
Wednesday's Duck Derby provided an excellent opportunity to get out of the house for the evening. 

Admittedly not the most extensive of events, but fortunately we're all well versed in keeping ourselves amused.

Cataloging the events of the event;

 The raft race dissolves into a wading competition as rafts sink and survivors continue in a dash towards the finish line.

A policeman yawns.

... (According to Louise it is illegal to publish funny photographs of policemen.)

People (bees) fall (are pushed) in.

Ducks are herded to the finish line. My photograph gains an inexplicable pink stripe.

In a combined assault Angie and I force Beth (with her ice-cream) to the water's edge, and chuck her in. Beth (still eating ice-cream) appears indignant.

Having aquired a green inflatable guitar and a necessary pink hat, we leave the Derby in favour of a thoughtfully placed settee. Other photos depict my forcible eviction from this by Angie (right).

The day ends with a riotus two-man party, featuring juice and croissants, whereupon I try and fail to get up. Music courtesy of Queen.

.... done for the moment, I'll continue anything else when I write the next post....

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