Friday, 24 June 2011


I made some! Well, tried to.

Result of over overestimating the capacity of the cake tin. The actual cake didn't look much better.
Fortunately I'd made enough icing to entirely cover the rest of the disaster -*ahem*, sorry, that would be cake-, and providing they don't look completely toxic, I can always feed my attempts at baking to Lev (the younger brother).

Talking of Lev, along with blogging today I made a brief return to art, sadly this was primarily for lack of anything else to do. Anyhow, drawing from this photo;

Aaaggh! Hideous isn't it?
I came up with something vaguely similar, namely this;

Personally, I'm reasonably chuffed. I'd like to think I've made it look more human (that was difficult enough. Trying not to cry while I drew it also presented a challenge). Sorry Levik. =)

On a different note, I've massively overdosed on raisins.

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