Monday, 11 July 2011

On a historical note...

I've been neglecting writing; to be honest, it's just been too nice outside and sitting at at the computer hasn't appealed.
Anyhow, due to a sailing course that's managed to get itself scheduled all across next week (I'm not complaining) I doubt I'll get another chance to type for a while, so here goes.

I'm not in the least patriotic (only evidently incredibly Cool ;) ), but I just came across this song and remembered how much I like it (I was reading up on Bonnie Dundee- spot the references) so I thought I'd post it up.

I've also just finished (re-)reading this book;

'Troubadour' (which is better than the cover might suggest), a historical novel which gives an overview of the Albigensian Crusade (1209-1229) instigated by Pope Innocent III to erradicate the 'heretics' (Cathars- denied certain aspects of Catholic beliefs, but a pacifist people) in Languedoc (now southern France).
Definitely one of my favourite books. I find Mary Hoffman's style of writing to read effortlessly and the events of the period fascinating.
I always associate 'Troubadour' with 'A Tale of Two Cities'. The most glaring connection is that both are set in France, at a time of civil war aimed at persecuting minority groups (the aristocracy, the Credentes -Believers- or Cathars). As well as this, both books begin and end in a similar fashion - and both, in my opinion, take  a couple of chapters to really get going properly at the start.
Well... I really like it.

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