Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Woooh four days 'till Christmas Woooh

Suffering from a severe case of Present-Envy. Lev is wrapping all these awesome-looking parcels, and all mine seem meagre in comparison. Nawww....
Attempting to somewhat make up for this with epic wrapping SKILLS. Including cylindrical objects. BAM.

Not doing too badly though.

And (Papa and Sylwia, you shall be pleased to know) I have just taken the Christmas Cake out of the oven. However, Dodie convinced me to make it this year, so if you have any sense this should put you off eating it.

Fortunately for us, tomorrow is our last day of torture (torture? did I say torture? I meant school... oh, close enough). This comes at a good time (though 'Sooner' would also have been nice...); throughout the student population -or at least, 5th year- cracks have begun to show. The nearer you get to the end of term, the larger the portion of the class you notice either dozing or staring in a blank stupor at the board for the duration of any given lesson.
For instance, my entire contribution to Physics these last few lessons have been a series of exchanges with Ailish (a.k.a. Lish, Lishbabes, Physics Buddy) in the form of prolonged yawning, followed (incredibly articulately) by;
"So tired." 
*more yawns* "Wannagotosleep."
"Plan." *head thunks desk*

Oh, the worst thing, everyone has colds at the moment. A week or two ago, double period R.M.P.S. and doing a NAB -National Assesment Bank- basic level pass for each section of a course- over breaktime. You're working in complete silence, head down over paper, with a cold and a runny nose. It was horrendous. Everyone else is in the same boat and therefore extremely understanding, but you're sniffing every two minutes so loudly people could be forgiven for imagining the classrom to harbour a small boar, leaning over your desk staring at a 10 mark question asking you about Samsaric rebirth and thinking 'I would care a lot more about this if only I could BREATHE ' *snorts*.

The school Christmas dance - this year rather ironically christened 'Dance Another Day' - was supposed to be happening on the 15th Dec., and has been postponed until something like the 17th Jan., for the second time. Really bad (and a tad baffling) choice of name. Oh well.

Gotta Go. (<--- alliteration. English win yaay!) Cake needs me.

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