Friday, 30 December 2011

Reporting on Antics

Or 'What We Get Up To'.

Reace. Jaffa Cake Culprit.
Reace has -as well as finally getting completely installed in his new room at Beths and already trashing it completely- consumed in entirety a yard long tube of Jaffa Cakes, in just the two days after Christmas. Probably some sort of world record, someone should really google it.
And he has his new piano working at last, which we must congratulate him on. Well deserved. A very constructive pasttime, much more so than constantly x-boxing, isn't it, Reace? ;)

Lewis . Of The Socks.
Lewis (as pictured surrounded by food), has expanded his incredibly enviable collection of stripy socks -and is refusing to let me forget it.
Also today he came round here for a couple of hours -very sucessful, if I say so myself- Physics revision, bringing with him a novelty coffee-making contraption. During one of our coffee breaks we were boiling it up on the hotplate and Lewis suceeded in causing it to squirt all over the kitchen. Hazelnut coffee though, so at least it smells nice.

Beth. Epically-Haired (<-- now an adjective.)
Bethie has just gone up to Pitlochery, but not before being cajoled into helping me out by sharing some English revision (memorising 'Laughing Phil's' 'Reasons For Attendance" together). However she has some interesting, though rather effective, techniques to help do this. Enough to say that in the upcoming prelim I'm probably going to entertain quite a lot of people with my intruiging arm-waving. Just have to hope that we won't be sat reciting the poem at the same time, or the examiners will probably assume we're signalling. Or else engaged in some bizarre synchronised dance.

And I -I reuse this photo as I currently have no other- have discovered that those actors, whom I have been raving about in every good new film I see, is infact just that actor (unless it happens to be Laurence Fox, in which case it's Laurence Fox), all the same person- James McAvoy of whom I had not even heard before this week and suddenly I realise he plays at least a small part in the majority of my favourite films. Feeling like a bit of a dunce, not having noticed before.

Randomly, I've just noticed I seem to be using a lot of non-adjective adjectives and non-verb verbs here. A possible candidate for a new habit. 'to Google', 'to x-box', 'to be Haired', etc.

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