Saturday, 10 December 2011

Whapping out the Christmas tree

I wait for this all year. No day can be better than Christmas. I think I've already mentioned my plans for the creating of numerous Chrtismas decorations; I'm now halfway through a wreath (holly still needed- I intend to hijack some tomorrow, someone shall come home to find their hedge significantly reduced), and I spent most of yesterday:

a) Firstly galvanising the wee kids I look after at volunteering into a similar state of excitement over the impending celebrations, then prevailing on them to make everyone some things to hang on their trees (at this point I produce as if by magic: a pile of ribbon, pens, paper, pencils, etc., the lot).


b) Dashing straight from the Nungate Centre to the Library to help out with their lot of wee kids, all also threading newly-made Crimbo-tree decorations onto bits of ribbon and string.
I coloured in a candy-cane! *cheesing*, and this;

And then today.

Lyovka and I manoeuvred the muddy, wet ladder through the kitchen and scrambled up this into our lovely cobweb of an attic. Climbling over dead woodlice and spiders whilst crouching low enough to avoid spreading the grime from the rafters all over my T-shirt was the equivalent of attending an obstacle course.

Sensibly he then skedaddled off to Edinburgh; I was left to de-tangle the boxes of lights we had brought down. At least then I got to do the fun bit, I had the decorating of the tree left all to myself!

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