Sunday, 4 December 2011

The Bead Shop Makes A FORTUNE

... mostly from me. I've had a NOTION. I want to make stuff for Christmas this year.
So, whapping out the three-year-old, slightly mouldy Bead Shop voucher, and going to buy a ton of stuff.

This was wednesday. Since God had granted us a strike (yaaay! Lie in.) I decided to make the best possible use of my spare time. Everyone else skedaddled off to Edinburgh. House to myself... and soup... unguarded... in the fridge... (not for long).

This must be as near as anyone can really get to absolute bliss. On go the All American Rejects, out come the pliers...

This is the start of a heart tree decoration (tree coming tomorrow- yaaay!). I've gone button-mad. We now have a tree-shaped one aswell.

Along with those, I've made a pile of earrings (enough to last through several birthdays, nevermind Christmas), the beginnings of a sizeable wreath (Dodie's missing a couple of coat hangers...) and a button snowman brooch. I have plans for soap and candles.

This is so far. I keep running out of crimps for the end of things so spending the vast majority of the time running back and forth from the Bead Shop -they're getting to know me really quite well in there-, getting yet another fifty or so... I should probably just buy a bigger batch. No doubt my brain ("your what?!" oh haha) shall reach that conclusion eventually. Meanwhile my fitness level peaks.

The problem still remains; what-a-to-get those of us who cannot/WILL NOT wear jewellry (Lyovka, I'm looking at you >:(  ). You present a challenge. Hmmm....

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