Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Songs For Chrimbo!

I realise it is not yet even December. I don't care. It already feels Christmassy.
I also realise I have already posted today. I don't care. This has only just occurred to me.

I'm trawling my way through tons of Christmas songs over youtube (whenever I'm at my desk). I'm gonna post these up! This way I don't have to keep flicking through hundreds of different pages, and you can listen to them if you like. =)

We sang this as a class for the Christamas King's Meadow (Primary School) assembly, P6, I think it was. It was EPIC. But we were even better than this, naturally. ;)

No reason, just like it.

Pleeeeease let it snow!!!

The Kinks- Father Christmas.

We sang (and editied version of) this in choir for the Christmas concert in... S3? I know all the words *cheesin'*. =D

Hmmm... nice idea... won't start on the logistics of it though... lets just say good song!

"Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock..."

I have been singing along to this... all day... pity those I live with.

I think I'll leave it on that note (pun unintended, but very clever, haha =/ ). Night, night! Again...

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