Monday, 26 December 2011

Merry Christmas to Y'all

(Finally! But... Now I'm gonna have to find another project on which to work =T hmmm...)

Yesterday for me was spent in a baking/cooking frenzy! Baking as.. well, today is Christmas, cooking because baking in the morning meant anyone else in the kitchen would have made for intense irritation and so I took breakfast upon myself. All selfish motives, see. No cause for alarm.

The CAKE. Finally iced yesterday, had been working on for a couple of days before that.

Lemon Drizzle cake, a tad spur of the moment, in place of Rock Buns or Meringues, for a change. Pretty much jumped out of the tin at me, albeit in about five separate bits. Not impressed. =/

.... and my chocolate attempts. Would you believe that Papa is in the house, and there is still some left after pudding? Frankly, I'm not sure whether to be insulted, or just incredibly satisfied with the enormous amount of other tasty food we all managed to down at dinner. Well, more for me anyway. =D

I also made Rum Butter. OH YES.


In other news, squint would seem to be the order of the day where Haddington Christmas trees are concerned.

Fig. 1.

Fig. 2.

Disclaimer: I had nothing to do with this!

...OR DID I?? :O

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