Monday, 11 July 2011

I have been Walking

... and as I was walking, I decided to take some photos, depicting the most Interesting and Noteworthy things (currently) in Haddington, for the benefit of the future burgeoning traveller or interpid explorer.

Item 1.  Dangers at every turn, a warning sign erected by thoughtful natives.
Item 2. Some berries will sustain an adventurer (but all the rest are poisonus).
Item 3. Weather is turbulent and unpredictable. Unadvisable to be caught in a rainstorn unprepared (without a bike).
Item 4. The wildlife is typically reclusive (spot the frog).
Item 5. Artwork is heavily indulged in by minority groups of locals.
Item 6. Help is at hand.
(N.B. the sign is damaged)
Haddington, a.k.a., Land of Adventure.

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