Thursday, 28 July 2011

A Tale of Two Dinners

Oh dear... where to start? Two consecutive birthday parties (as usual, synonomous with massive overeating... ouch), Rosie (16- today) and Belinda (8). For Rosie's, the plan was to hop into Edinburgh to see the new Harry Potter. I had managed to hold back from going to see it before in anticipation of this.

I think a trailer is appropriate here:

I think that by the time I came to watch it, I had already seen so many trailers that I had a fairly accurate idea of what to expect from the film... What surprised me though was that they managed to make it really very good, without necessarily being particularly funny. Still trying to decide whether or not this is a Good Thing (Personally I'm never averse to bit more comedy). Anyway, clearly it worked...

Following our stint in Edinburgh, we scooted back to Rosie's, on the way to which Beth recieved an unexpected text from Louise (who had just left us), and declared to a shocked audience that Amy Winehouse had died. We had all been fairly cut-off from the world in general since midday, so this news came as a complete surprise. Although I don't think any of us is a particular fan of Amy Winehouse, it is bizarre and sad to think that she is no longer there...

Back at Rosie's, we walk Clover (the residing dog- you might have guessed) and EAT. The table is covered in all manner of small edible snacks, and as we remain sitting there and talking a good few hours, we steadily pick away and eventually discover that the table top does indeed actually exist. We migrate to the 'sofa/TV area' of the room, and allow 'Mock The Week' episodes to run in the background as we chat, comment, and devour MOAMs.

The Very Next Day...

Having spent the best part of the night in various discussions with Ailish, I wake up brutally early, feel stuffed and eventually get sat on.

Still feeling stuffeed and now also reasonably squashed, I hitch a lift with Beth back to Haddington, and another party (ie, opportunity to overeat).

By the time I got back everyone had already arrived (everyone being Sarah -aunt-, Michael -uncle-, Honor, Belinda -cousins- and Caramel -hamster-) and the operation to get lunch out was well underway. I was permitted to sit and drool a while whilst these continued, then finally all was ready and with the table threatening to buckle, people sat down and dug in.

Papa and Sylwia arrived a bit after we'd finished the main course- their bus having broken down just outside of Fort Kinnaird.We had however managed to save them some, and pudding (jelly, cake, meringues and ice cream- albeit not simultaneously) seemed to go down well with everyone...

I go to bed begging to be spared dinner and feeling painfully overfull for a second night in a row (I never learn).

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