Friday, 29 July 2011

In which I visit both the Beach and the Zoo...

Suddenly everyone is here, and busy arranging stuff. The first part of the holiday passed in a bit of a stupor and I think it is now trying to make up for it. Consequently things are happening faster than I can be bothered to write about them. As for photos... those previously on my computer seem to have gone walkabout, and naturally I keep forgetting to bring my camera anywhere. Epic fail.


...had her leaving party *sad face*. North Berwick beach (which turned out not to actually be North Berwick beach) found itself rather crowded on tuesday, when a decent-sized chunk of fourth/fifth year piled in.

We then...
Wave Jumped (failed to jump over any waves, but became considerably wet after going through quite a few).
Searched (unsucessfully) for William's lost wallet- now listed MIA* .
Set up barbecues (one reasonably terrible and one altogether failed).
Roasted the things we should have barbecued but were refusing to cook over the first barbecue, on the bonfire which was the result of the second.
Dried off and ATE.

All highly exciting stuff- but you had to be there.

Several people I've met since appear to have caught sunburn.

Sarah & Co. had been planning a boat trip around Bass Rock, to which I had been invited. Unfortunately, no spaces left when we rang... but half an hour and Flora comes to the rescue...

One of the things included in our summer plans had been a visit to the Zoo, and today Flo's wee sister was going with a friend, so she rang me to see if I was around to go aswell.

As it happened I was, and we set out promptly- Flo's mother Debbie being nice enough to drive us all in.

We wandered up and down (though it felt like mostly up) hill, peering into the enclosures, occasionally seeing someone we recognised... naturally, ice-cream followed. But not for long, 'cos it was hot.
I understand that of course, the Zoo doesn't not have unlimited space/funds to expand, but I was still a tad miffed at the lack of space in some of the enclosures. Those of the big cats bothered me particularly. Fair enough, some of the smaller creatures might have been quite comfortable in that sort of area, but for animals of that size they seemed horribly cramped. And whilst they extended up a bit allowing them to climb, there was certianly not enough space for them even to trot (do cats 'trot'? Well, something similar). I don't know if they ever get taken out and say 'exercised', but I'm guessing probably not. At any rate, the thought of them spending hours cooped up like that I find a tad upsetting.

Aaanyway that's not to give the impression I didn't enjoy it all (I did, Flora, I did!). Watching the penguins was certainly a high point, particularly that one which reminded me strongly of the mad scientist in 'Back To The Future' (yet again, I forgot my camera so this is not my own picture but nicked from the internet in order to illustrate my point).

I end the day by hitching a ride with Flo & Co. back to Gifford, where I meet everyone preparing to tuck in to dinner at the Goblin Ha'... mmm, Brie and Beetroot tart....
* Missing In Action

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