Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Pigeon... oh and possibly one or two other things.

I think this wee guy is a tad perplexed by his company...

(Oi! Mum! Bert's gone funny...)
On a serious note, I'm steadily clearing the house of couscous.

And Beth, Angie and I have decided and are coming up with plans to buy a well, tap and etc, for a villiage... in Africa... I think... through SCIAF (a.k.a. Scaff)... just coming up with various ideas to raise the money, but should be fun! (And useful too, of course.) It's actually surprisingly inexpensive (well, relatively. It's... £557 I think, so several cake stalls in the center of Haddington should do it ;) Hopefully also a car wash -although this is just an excuse to point a hose at Beth- ).

I suddenly feel quite bad...

Having become carried away and thoughtlessly sent dear Бабушка Larissa an essay (561 words in all... although our dear English teacher Mr Edwards did strongly imply he would string us up, -quite possibly by the ears- if we ever dared hand him an essay any shorter than 600 words... sorry, back to the topic) of a rambling email to decipher; in somewhat less-than-perfect-English. Smiley (and otherwise) faces included... Sorry Бабушка...

For some reason, the font just changed. Irritating.

I have also just noticed that of all the Labels, the most frequent is 'food-related-matters'. I'm fairly sure this doesn't actually reflect my everyday existence, and would just like to take a moment to clarify this.

Having ploughed through some of my prescribed Physics for this summer, I have now given myself permission to feel smug for a while. *feels smug*

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