Monday, 9 May 2011

The UNTHINKABLE has happpened.


What?!?! This doesn't happen. It CAN'T happen.

   Dear Tesco's (/possibly Sir and/or Madam)

Common knowledge/sense and popular myth clearly states that Tesco can never, NEVER run out of tesco bags.
There are millions of them, and they are everywhere. You can't run out of the infinite.

Yet this is exactly the situation I was confronted with, having strolled unsuspectingly into our local chain, and bought enough loot to fill a small truck.

 I have been shocked and disillusioned, and I profess myself at a loss; how can I continue day to day having to live always with the niggling fear that when I go to purchase my daily wares, I may yet again be forced to leave, balancing products off every available orfice?

Which came first, Tesco, or the Tesco bag? I'm not sure, but surely it is an integral part of Tesco's duty to supply the masses with a never-ending provision of these synthetic wonders.

2012 is Nigh, and evidently, it's beginning to tell.

Yours sincerely,

A Disgruntled Customer

.... Over and out.

A Brief Update

After an intense scrutiny of the Tesco website, I can find no obvious way to complain. This strikes me as distinctly un-British.

I wouldn't be so vindictive; but my arm hurts.

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