Monday, 9 May 2011

EYO Concert

Berlioz, Bartok and Shostakovich.

A Premature Interlude;

Due to an ill-timed and somewhat irritating computer malfunction, there has been a significant time lapse since my last sortie into blogging. Consequently, stuff has happened, and because of a somewhat uncontrollable rant (see previous post) concerning atrocities committed towards Tesco customers, the chronological order of posting this stuff has been screwed up.

Please don't judge too harshly.

To return to BBS;

Attended a fantastic concert by the Edinburgh Youth Orchestra at the Usher Hall on the 17th April. It's amazing how those people can play; jealous doesn't quite seem to cover it.

The programme consisted of firstly the 'Concert Overture: Le Carnival Romain', Bela Bartok's third Piano Concerto and finally 'Symphony No.10 in E minor' by Shostakovich.
Describing the entire performance would probably take about as long as it did to listen to (at least a -very- good hour and a half), and be considerably more dull. However I'll go as far as to say say that by common consensus the most striking part was declared to be the second movement of Symphony No.10, which, apparently and perhaps unsurprisingly, was also the most fun to play.

The pianist made for the most interesting viewing; I had the opportunity to speak to her the next day when I came across her by chance in a cafe and she was very pleasant. On the stage she had a spectacular style playing, she bent her arms to such an angle it was amazing her being able to reach the keys. Watching her as she played (she was very into it), she appeared to be the exact stereotype of your average cat-lady. Right throughout her performance I retained a mental image of her sitting, surrounded by hundreds of mewing kitties, stroking (and occasionally absentmindedly playing on) them.

I confess myself sidetracked- apologies.

Aaanyhow, I have accordingly gained a new resolve with regards to piano practise, in order to work myself up to such a standard that I might not feel quite so depressed about my own playing, in comparison with that of talented people.

On that note (unintended pun), I leave you.
.... temporarily.

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