Thursday, 30 August 2012

It's alive!

These past four years, I have been the proud owner of three beautiful fuschia plants. However what at first glance may appear a pretty idyllic situation is in fact bittersweet, tinged with sadness. For these last four years, though wonderful and green, the fuschias have yielded up not one single flower.

It has always been a great source of anguish to me. Was it my system of feeding leftover green tea to them every morning harming their chances of ever sprouting a bud? Were they perhaps in need of more sunlight, larger pots, more space? I felt I had tried everything.

Then this morning, everything changed.

This morning, I first saw Joey.

The excitement, was unreal.

Finally, I feel we can move forward in our relationship. There is a tanglible shift, a new stage has been reached! New possibilities and a fresh life together!

Celebrating the first bloom and looking forward to many more!


In oOther News: I stepped on my rice cakes this morning :(

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