Monday, 17 September 2012

Well, aside from some last minute progress with Personal Statements (don't get me started, oh ok, maybe later), today has proved a depressing waste of time...

HIGHLIGHT: Clearing Tesco out of greek yogurt. Bit of an acquired taste but I highly recommend it.

In related news -largely to add excitement to an otherwise very dull few of hours- my imaginary pet goldfish died in tragic circumstances. The Great Lord Sauron will be sorely missed. Funeral held at the Aubigny pool after school on Wednesday, everyone invited.

I must say, I'm somewhat loving typing in a unsophisticated, probably incorrect (but I haven't checked! :D) and certianly terrible fashion. Having to overstrain my less-than-capable grey matter as to the best way to phrase every miniscule segment of my Personal Statement (more stuff for Wednesday, no rest for the wicked) has done my head in. Observe - if you will - the text I have just reeled off (<--- "reeled off" being an inacurate expression to use considering I am neither writing by hand nor speaking. Yet there is no necessity for me to find a better one. Isn't it wonderful?! *grins manically*) is clumsy and generally badly written. Under normal circumstances I would go over this and edit, chop and change, generally improve etc. Today however, I shall revel in leaving this as it is. Muahahahaha!

Goodbye people.


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    1. Just now, that happens to be the general idea. I'll summarize: I'm absolutely frazzled and it is nice to write incoherently for a change.

      Thanks for the link.