Saturday, 15 October 2011

Worry, People.

An R.M.P.S Thing

I might have mentioned before that- being a lovely, conscientious student ;) - I hop along to Amnesty International in Mrs Montgomery's R.M.P.S. classroom on Thursday lunchtimes. Anyhoo, we're reading over an assembly on Human Rights at the moment (watch out first years!) and Matthew was saying his bit, but then when he went to move he tripped and went sprawling, so his speech ended up going something a bit like this;

"I stand for Human Rights!"

*falls down*

Human Rights fail.


I've accumulated quite a lot of new Stuff over the past couple of days. At the selfsame Amnesty meet, Bethie took the opportunity to give me a birthday present (aww thanks =D ), part of which were these 'Worry People'.

From the top down, they are now called Berry, Caramel, Stripe, Mustard and Jelly. So far they have been very accommodating and listen to me complain every night prior to 'Lights Out'.

I definitely have already mentioned the wonderful Craft Fair, which has now sadly left Haddington :'( . However today being the last day of their visit, I seized the opportunity and bought myself a new schoolbag! Having had my current one since halfway through Primary Six, I feel this was well justified- particularly as every single time I go to pick it up, it promptly seizes the opportunity and splits open on me at the zip.
But revenge is sweet, and when I return to the drudgery of early morning starts *shudder*, I shall have one less item to scream at.

New Bag =D (you might have guessed)
It has elephants on it! And is therefore officially everything I ask of a bag.

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