Friday, 4 May 2012

WHOA New 'Dashboard' Layout

.... And suddenly I can't find anything. This will take months to get used to...

On the bright side, apparently I now have approximately two thousand more views than I was previously aware of. Most likely the efforts of one enthusiatic clicker during my blogging absence. Or, now I come to think of it, my own handywork; I can well imagine having clicked the 'preview' button a couple of thousand times in my endeavours to maintain aesthetically pleasing standards.

Okay *deep breath*. 

Since I ceased bothering anyone for the past month or so, there is now a backlog of events to be typing about. Sort of hoping that in mentioning them now I can guilt-trip myself into actually writing up the posts (oh the horror). At the moment I find myself having a lot of energy for sleeping, cooking, reading... and not much else. In the interests of changing this some gentle intellectual excersises are being embarked on, such as; resuming some sadly neglected piano practise, refreshing a stagnating knowledge of Italian, an intrepid 'whapping out' and brandishing of paint brushes and of course, writing.

I have some images to accompany the tales of my recent adventures (few and far between).

There has been a spot of Walking (scrambling/falling over). A tad bit of Archaeology (being blown into a trench). A smidgeon of Self-Sacrifice and associated Fear (attending school on S6 'Muck-Up' day). A general Making of Things (pricking myself repeatedly with a needle). And a lot of Complaining (this bit is true).

Incidentally, whilst I think of it I might aswell say that I have booked myself into Edinburgh Uni open day as this was easily enough done and am just compiling the conclusive list of open day events elsewhere.

A temporary 'Cheerio' from me. P&S and Alisha (henceforth referred to as 'A'; S's mum) are arriving NUNC.

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