Saturday, 26 May 2012

Pulling Hair In Despair

Well it's been really quite toasty over here for these last few days.

In a way it makes this sudden frenzy of Latin and Physics revision all the worse: studying at home has never really been a viable course of action (a myriad distractions to be encountered), studying in the inexplicably stifling atmosphere of the library has become oppressive and study outside is now a physical impossibility, unless a person wishes to have their work alternately blown away and trampled over.
Whilst the wet weather has been subdued, the same cannot entirely be said for the wind.

But I just enjoying complaining. Truth be told an unexpected materialization of the sun is nearly always welcome and the main cause behind my mini-rant is that it is likely to vanish again the moment my exams are done (Tuesday, for your information).

And before anyone begins to worry, yes, I am still beavering away ('to beaver'; lovely verb) at the work for the impending exams- the sudden post does not mean a cessation in study but rather is being written as means of a break and an outlet for pent up anxiety (my fingertips are fairly flying over the keyboard. Spellcheck shall have it's work cut out.).

Talking of breaks, there is going to be quite a reasonable one between R.M.P.S finishing on Tues and the end of study leave. I fancy I shall be passed out for most of the time, but if anyone has any interesting plans I am open to suggestions. Hopefully it won't always be quite this sunny, or I'll be a tad screwed for running. Gave it a go a couple of days back and managed maybe twenty minutes... after which I promptly collapsed in a sweaty heap for a couple of hours before I could be peeled off the bed. Though willing to make an effort, I'm far from suicidal.

Anyway, back to work. Pray for me.

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