Monday, 7 March 2011


There's so much going on at the moment, it's becoming quite hard to keep track of. Hopefully slow down soon... hopefully.
Aaanyway, tried maths revision class today! No, that isn't maths club. It's well-I-have-to-do-something-so-I-might-aswell-get-some-help-with-it class. Wasn't bad either. I actually did some maths, which in itself is shocking (I'm not good at revision).

Revising... well, sort of.
What else? Oh;

What else is new... hmmm. Well, I've started basketball on a Saturday. Nothing too serious, just going down to the sports centre with 15 or so other folks and booking a court. I've never really liked it before, only ever play at school gym sessions, which up until recently have been fairly horrendous.
But this was fun! No (permanent) injuries, bit of a miracle.

Hopefully doing that again this Saturday! Lor... quite a full diary at the moment!

(....haven't got any basketball photos)

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