Sunday, 6 March 2011

In in the interest of trying something new...

Hullo all! After a long series of internal debates, I finally convinced myself to try BLOGGING. To be perfectly honest, the whole concept confuses me slightly, not least the question of, who will actually want to read any of this? Anyhoo, here I am, and I think the title is rather fitting, although at first I hadn't meant it to refer to this.

Well, it's been an interesting weekend for sure! Now I actually think about it, containing quite a number of firsts.

A friend and I went cycling, several miles but nothing too daunting, to Traprain Law, which we then proceeded boldly to scale. Ok, so I admit, it might not totally qualify. I have been up there before. But once only, and that in Primary Five, so I think i'll let it slide.

T'was really quite fun! ... and we found this mysterious, circular array of stones.... crop circles leap to mind. The thing is, I can't actually think of any reasons for them to be there. Am I missing something obvious here? Suggestions anyone? They're at the very summit of the hill, but as you can see, they fit together so badly that they couldn't be any sort of ruin, besides the whole structure was far too small, and completely isolated.

The Conundrum;

There doesn't appear to be any conceivable reason for them being there. Yet they are, and for some reason somebody obviously bothered to lug them up there. Why?!?

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